Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kurmangansy St., 95
Tel: +7 (727) 339 87 44
Site: www.kz.alcon.com
«Alkon» is an international company aimed at improving the vision and quality of life of people. «Alcon» company has a wide portfolio of products for the prevention and treatment of ophthalmological diseases. The company’s products affect the lives of more than 260 million people with vision problems because of refractive disorders and diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal lesions and the lives of millions of people, waiting for new methods of treatment of ophthalmic diseases. Our goal is to find new approaches to the treatment of vision diseases through innovative products, partnerships with leading healthcare professionals and participation in projects that increase the population’s access to high-quality eye care.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Chaplin St., 71/66, office А04.
Tel: +7 (727) 339 87 44
Email: Alexander.tarachev@santen.com
Site: Santen.com
Santen is a major ophthalmological pharmaceutical company founded in Japan more than a century ago and providing services to patients worldwide. In more than 100 years, we have acquired a profound knowledge of eye health.

Ophthalmology is our only focus!

About 4 percent of the world’s population has visual impairments, and there are still many countries, where there is no access to ophthalmic medicines and an unmet need for treatment. Santen has the ability and responsibility to solve the problems of these patients and their relatives.
Vision is one of the most important receptors. We are proud and pleased that we have the privilege to focus all our efforts on eye health!

Bayer is an innovative company with a 150-years history. It has a leading position in healthcare and agriculture worldwide. Through innovative products, we strive to make our contribution to finding answers to the most serious challenges humanity faces.

Each of our products is a contribution to solving the most difficult problems of our time. Bayer improves people’s life quality helping to prevent, alleviate and cure various diseases. We also help consumers to have stable access to high-quality food and vegetable raw materials. Bayer’s extensive portfolio includes numerous world-renowned brands.

In Kazakhstan, Bayer has been operating since 1994 and represents three divisions of the company: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health, Crop Science. The company holds leading positions in Kazakhstan in such areas of health care as cardiovascular diseases, oncology, women’s health, ophthalmology and diagnostic imaging. The company’s prescription drugs include antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cold relief medicines, multivitamins and antioxidant drugs, gastrointestinal products. Bayer is active in Kazakhstan in the field of plant protection products. It is a leading company in the market and a reliable partner for crop companies.
Сompany’s operations in the country follow a global strategy of sustainable development and establishment of socially and ethically responsible partnership. The company’s offices are located in Almaty and Astana.

Carl Zeiss
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Masanchy St., 78.
Tel: +7 (727) 292 12 70, +7 (777) 77 198 77
Fax: +7 (727) 292 13 22
Email: malik.nusupov@zeiss.com, ekaterina.anisimova@zeiss.com
Site: www.zeiss.ru
For 175 years, Carl Zeiss has been a leader in innovative technical solutions for the visualization and analysis of macro, micro and nano structures to solve problems in high-tech fields of science and medicine. ZEISS solutions help to develop the optics world and contribute to technological progress. With our passion for excellence, we create values for our customers, inspiring the world again and again. We are pleased to be participants of the Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation, and to present you an overview of our range of products and services in the field of ophthalmology.

Branch of the Company «Novartis Pharma Service AG» in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Address: 050022, Almaty, Kurmanganzy St., 95, 3rd floor
Tel: +7 727 258 33 03
Site: www.novartis.com
«Novartis» is one of the world leaders of health care. «Novartis» in Kazakhstan is a leading, dynamically developing company that adheres to the principles of ethical business conduct and social responsibility, providing the country with high-quality innovative medicines. Activity of the «Novartis» group has three main directions: oncological, pharmaceutical and generics production (and bio analogues).

Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Innovative Drugs) The Pharmaceutical Division develops innovative-patented medicines with high efficiency for patients and health care workers. The unit develops and produces drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases and the provision of primary health care, as well as specialized drugs. Our global portfolio of innovative-patented drugs includes more than 50 key products, many of which are leaders in their therapeutic fields.

ТОО «Medinnovation»
Address: Almaty, Raimbeka Avenue, 217 office 409
Tel: ​+7 701 428 2077
Email: medinnovation.kaz2022@gmail.com
«Medinnovation» is a wholesale company operating in the field of medicines and pharmacy accessories for ophthalmology.
It was founded on February 28, 2014.

R Optics Medical
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Auezovsky district, microrayon Sayran , 17.
Tel: +7 (727) 232 15 29, +7 (777) 522 10 04
Email: info@r-optics.kz
Site: www.r-optics.kz
R Optics Medical is a company specializing in the supply of ophthalmic equipment of leading western manufacturers such as:

  • Leica Microsystems (Switzerland),
  • OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH (Germany),
  • Quantel Medical (France),
  • RUMEX International Ltd (UK),
  • Keeler (UK),
  • Topcon (Japan).

Limited Liability Partnership «Bausch Hels»
Address: A26T9G0, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Medeusky district, Khadgy Mukan St., 22/5, floor 6
Tel/fax: +7 727 311 15 16
Email: svetlana.li@bauschhealth.com
Site: www.bausch.com
For over more than 160 years Bausch + Lomb has grown from a small company into an international corporation with staff of about 13 000 people, working for its prosperity in 36 countries of the world.

The company Bausch+Lomb has undergone many changes, but the main goal of the company remains unchanged. We do our best to help people all over the world to improve their vision and consequently their life. The main role in carrying out this mission is, of course, the company’s products. Bausch+Lomb has three main divisions: VisionCare (Contact Vision Correction Agents - Contact Lenses and Solutions), Pharmaceutical (a wide range of ophthalmological pharmaceuticals) and Surgical (surgical equipment and tools). The wide range of our products was developed to help millions of people around the world to meet their vision and eye health needs.

Our mission is to help people all over the world to improve their vision and consequently their life quality. With a constant focus on innovation, quality and skill, we continue to work at vision protection and improvement at every stage of life.

«Grand Atlas» LLP
Address: Almaty, Pushkin St., 13/2, 3rd floor.
Tel.: +7 727 271 20 41, 385 85 52
Fax: +7 727 273 68 04
Email: grandatlas@mail.ru; reception@grandatlas.kz
Site: www.GrandAtlas.kz
GRAND ATLAS LLP was founded in 2005 in Kazakhstan. We are the official distributors of such well-known world leaders in ophthalmic equipment and consumables for eye microsurgery as Bausch + Lomb USA, TOPCON Corporation Japan. GRAND ATLAS LLP is also an exclusive distributor of the following ophthalmological brands as MANI Inc. Japan, Staar Surgical USA, Accutome Inc. USA, Neitz Instruments Japan, Lightmed Corporation Taiwan, Plusoptix Germany, SciCan Canada in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kabdolov St., 16/1, NGDEM Business Center
Tel: +7 (727) 296 45 99
Email: kazakhstan@sentisspharma.com
Site: sentisspharma.com
Founded in 1990, Sentiss is a niche pharmaceutical company that manufactures eye, ENT, inhalation and specialty products of the highest quality. Over the past 32 years, Sentiss has significantly developed and ranked second on the Russian eye care market (IQVIA 2021). Distribution of Sentiss’s products all over the world demonstrates its quality addicted philosophy and product differentiation. Sentiss aims to be a world leader in its core segment and continues to expand its activities in Russia, the CIS, Europe, the US and India.

Sentiss aims to serve and build a stronger society through its social responsibility initiatives «Watchful Hearts», focusing on health, education and the environment.

«Medical-Innovative Technologies» LLP
  • Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Nauryzbay Batyr St., 8
  • Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, microrayon Samal, 12
  • Republic of Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Gorky St., 46
Tel: +7 (727) 347 00 03 - Almaty, Tel.: +7 (717) 297 21 03 - Astana.
Email: info@medico-intech.kz
Site: www.medico-intech.kz
«Medical-Innovative Technologies» LLP is a leading company for the development and implementation of «turnkey» projects, including analysis, development, implementation and support of medical-technological projects (including systems of medical gas supply and complexes of clean rooms) construction, technical supervision, registration, delivery, warranty and service of medical equipment, training of personnel.

Haag Streite Surgical (Switzerland), Haag Streite Diagnostics (Switzerland), Haag Streite Simulation (Germany), Haag Streite Simulation (Germany), diagnostic instruments and simulation equipment for ophthalmology.

ТОО «FKS Trade»
Address: Almaty, Syzganov St., 66 (Gorny Gigant)
Tel: +7 727 246 90 96
Email: evgeny@fks-trade.kz
Site: www.fks-trade.kz
FKS Trade is the official distributor of Essilor Company in Kazakhstan. The company has more than 16 years of practical experience with glasses lenses in the Kazakhstan market.

The knowledge and professionalism of our employees, as well as the availability of all necessary resources, ensure reliable quality and comfortable service at the international level.

The main principle of the company is to create the most convenient conditions for cooperation, individual approach to each client, flexible tariff policy. The wide range of products of the highest quality from the world manufacturer Essilor allows you to cover almost the entire segment of spectacle lenses in the optical store.

«Astana Medical Product» LLP
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, 5/1.
Tel: +7 (717) 275 50 01, +7 (717) 275 50 02
Email: office@medproduct.kz
Site: medproduct.kz
«Astana Medical Product» LLP has been working in the market of medical products and medical equipment of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2011.

«Astana Medical Product» LLP is the official distributor on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the following recognized world leaders in the sphere of ophthalmic equipment and consumables for eye microsurgery: Tomey Corporation (Japan) - The world’s most popular manufacturer of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment; Alsson (USA) - The world’s leader in the market of ophthalmic products.

Address: Almaty, Markov St., 61/1, block №2, office 122
Tel: + 7 (727) 313 20 51
Fax: + 7 (727) 271 80 44
Email: Yekaterina.Kulik@jglpharma.com
Site: www.jadran.ru
JADRAN-International Pharmaceutical Company. More than 25 years of successful work for human health!

JADRAN COMPANY is a high-quality and efficient products; state-of-the-art equipment and technology; innovation in the use of drug and sea water synergies; an wide range of drugs in the segments "respiratory system" and "sense organs"; years of experience and partnership with innovative pharmaceutical companies.

Nowadays, the JGL portfolio has more than 460 own drugs. The JGL Pharma Valley is currently one of the leading manufacturing facilities in the European Union. The buildings themselves fit into the existing natural landscape so organically that they have already become the hallmark of the city.

But «Ophthalmology Service»
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Spartak St., 3-15
Tel: +7 (701) 720 60 07
Email: info@ophthalmology.kz
Site: ophthalmology.kz
«OPHTHALMOLOGY SERVICE» LLP is the official distributor of Johnson & Johnson Vision (intraocular lenses, equipment for refractive and cataract surgery), Sonomed Escalon (ophthalmological ultrasound equipment), Topcon (diagnostic ophthalmological equipment). The company was registered in 2016. The focus of the company’s work is accurate and complete customer satisfaction in their needs, both in supply and service.

Jamjoom Pharma
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue, 15. App. 20-4В-17
Tel: 8 727 317 67 97, 8 707 828 71 08
Email: product1@g-trading.kz
Pharmaceutical company «Jamjoom Pharma». Production Saudi Arabia. Direction Ophthalmology and Dermatology

Address: Almaty, Mukanov St., 241, of.42
Tel: +7(727)313 74 96
Fax: +7(727)313 74 97
Email: too.biofarmed@mail.ru
«Biopharmed» LLP is an exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan of innovative ophthalmic drugs from European manufacturers in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

It sells eye drops OMK1, OMK2, Tioretin A free, Edenorm free, Ribolizine, Iridium, Monoox, Monoketo, Visglik Neo, Biglau, Edolketo, Cycloplegicedol at the market of Kazakhstan.

ТОО DariQz
Address: Almaty, microrayon Mamyr 4, 15
Astana, Abay avenue, 18, of 307
Tel: +77785554159
Email: dariqz2017@gmail.com
Site: dariqz.com
«DariQz LLP was founded in 2017 and is one of the Kazakhstan wholesale distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical products and medical equipment. We offer: flexible pricing; maximum automation of processes, timely actions on clients' requests, timely deliveries of all offered products throughout Kazakhstan, quality service, reliability, individual approach, efficiency of work and response to clients' requests and beneficial cooperation.

Address: Almaty, Auezovsky district,Dhzandosov St., 98
Tel: +7 7012211008
Email: Alexandr.Tarnogradskiy@askin.co.at
Site: www.askin.co.at
ASKIN & CO KAZAKHSTAN has been supplying high-quality ophthalmological equipment, tools and consumables from world-renowned manufacturers for more than 10 years. They are Heidelberg Engineering (Germany), Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems (Switzerland), Oertli Instrumente AG (Switzerland). The company’s certified engineers provide installation, repair and maintenance services at the highest level. The qualification of engineers is regularly confirmed and upgraded at trainings organized by foreign partners the medical equipment manufacturers. «ASKIN & CO KAZAKHSTAN» provides customers with a full range of services, including customs clearance of purchased equipment, delivery to the clinic, installation and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service, working documentation, instructions on technical issues, training of doctors, including the ones in clinics Europe. The partnership with «ASKIN & CO KAZAKHSTAN» guarantees the future of your investments.
Scientific and practical conference with international participation
«Actual issues of pediatric ophthalmology»